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Euro 2020 is just around the corner and in spite of the 12 month postponement, we are just as excited as ever here at Neds.

Sure the football on the pitch will be entertaining, there will be worldies, tekkers, hostility and controversy on display but it will all pale in comparison to one key factor: the kits.

Normally these big international tournaments see every participating team launch a new strip and some have done just that, while others have already debuted them in the past year.

As we love to do, the Neds team has gone through every team’s kit, both home and away and come up with our definitive, unarguable and most importantly correct, Euro 2020 kit rankings.

24: Turkey

You can add this one to the “are we sure this isn’t a training kit” file.

If you look closely enough you can see some semblance of the Nike 2020 kit template with the lightning bolt things down the side, but it just doesn’t do a whole lot of anything for me.

23: Switzerland

There’s a lot of red on the Swiss kit but it looks good.

A solid effort that won’t win any fashion contests but it won’t distract from their play on the pitch.

It is not the 23rd worst kit but Switzerland is not helped by this awful away shirt.

Puma does have the official licensing for Switzerland right?

This is not one of their best efforts, in fact it looks like a cheap knockoff you would find in a street market somewhere.

Why oh why could they not have gone with this option instead?

22: Austria

If this kit looks a bit familiar, imagine Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Alex Lacazette running around in it.

Arsenal left Puma for Adidas a couple of years ago and it looks like the manufacturer just decided to offload the template on Austria.

It’s not the worst but most Arsenal fans will probably have some form of PTSD watching a side run around in this ensemble.

Austria could have so easily kept their previous away kit, the grey shorts are not great but still better than the alternative.

At least there’s some detail on this instead of just a bland shirt.

21: Czech Republic

Overall, there is far too much red in the home kits across Euro 2020 but the Czech combination is one just fine with a largely clean design and some nice trim around the edges.

On its own it would unquestionably be higher but the overall grade is let down by this one.

Did Puma even try with these away kits?

Even Best & Less would reject them.

This is what they should be playing in as an away kit!

20: Denmark

“Hey Hummel, can you copy an Arsenal kit from about 10 years ago but don’t make it too obvious?”

If the Gunners ever go with this brand, this is exactly what they will play in for the first season of the kit deal.

The Danes also lose marks for having an “alternate” kit for their primary colour combination of red and white by going with an all white away jersey.

As cool as this third jersey is, it also can’t get a good grade since it will not solve most kit clash issues.

19: Poland

These kits are not exactly groundbreaking with a fairly simple red and white colour scheme in the Nike template.

Overall they fall into the “nothing overly special” category as we will probably forget them as soon as the next iteration comes out.

18: Italy

It’s hard to make a bad Italy kit and Puma have put out a very impressive effort for the Azzuri’s return to major international competition.

Everything about it screams “Italy” and this is one I would love to see go deep into the tournament.

While it is hard to make a bad Italian kit, the away shirt proves it is not impossible.

Puma’s “less is more” attitude unfortunately makes this look like an off brand supporters shirt.

Thankfully with very few teams where we will see a clash with their home shirt, this one won’t pop up too often.

17: Slovakia

Judging by the above photo, Slovakia are just happy to be at Euro and will be content to play in an old generic Nike training top.

Admittedly the home kit is actually pretty close to one with a plain white colour scheme only broken up by the crest and numbers, it’s fine but it was probably designed by someone who knows as much about Slovakian football history as I do.

Helping there ranking out however is this aquatic camo inspired away kit which just looks phenomenal in the photo.

16: Wales

Wales going for the red with yellow trim style is a nice change of pace from the plethora of teams in red and white and for that reason, I don’t hate it.

It’s not the best or most creative effort but it carries that classic Adidas simplistic style.

You won’t miss the Welsh side in this glaringly bright yellow strip.

The subtle details in the patten looks really nice and it’s a good effort once again by Adidas.

For some reason they seem to make yellow work.

15: Russia

It’s a bold move by the Russians, taking the away template from most teams and using it as their home strip but each to their own.

I can’t hold it against them too much since it looks good, it just could be so much better

Russia should just abandon the red home jersey and play in this wherever possible.

Another one of the best away kits in the entire Euro tournament, you should enjoy it while they are in it.

14: Ukraine

In terms of colour scheme, there’s nothing too adventurous from the Ukrainian team with yellow and blue forming the base colour scheme and an all white third option.

It’s one of those kits that I like but don’t love, however their not so subtle message about Crimea did get picked up quite quickly and drew the expected reaction from Russia.

13: Hungary

This home kit will unquestionably be the best contribution Hungary make to Euro 2020 with the red and white ensemble a personal favourite.

The away one is fine effort but like quite a few of them, it’s not the most imaginative design.

12: Sweden

Yeah it’s bright but it’s part of what makes the Swedish kit a lot of fun, no complaints about this combination at all.

The away jersey on its own is phenomenal with the yellow pinstripes but who in their right mind decided to let them play in yellow shorts?

If they were in navy shorts the Swedes would undoubtedly be in the top five.

11: Belgium

Anytime you go for a sash on a football jersey it’s a bit of a risk but the Belgians don’t look entirely awful in this shirt.

It’s another one that fits in the good but not great category.

If this was a ranking of just the away kits, this Belgian effort might take out the title.

As classy as Kevin De Bruyne on the ball, you know it is going to be flying off the shelves, another home run from Adidas.

10: Portugal

Red and green, Portugal keep in simple on their home shirt and fair enough.

The gold numbers look really good while the away shirt offers up something a little different as well.

If they find themselves in need of a third kit, the bulk of their squad could just pull on their Wolves shirt.

9: Spain

It’s Spain, the home kit is as expected, a nice red shirt with gold trim and navy shorts.

We have seen the two tone design backfire in a big way for other nations bit this one is subtle enough to work and it’s a big upgrade over their effort from the 2018 World Cup.

Much like the other Adidas kits that follow this pattern, the Spanish white away strip earns a big tick and helps propel them towards the top of the rankings.

8: Germany

It’s very rare for the Germans to have a bad kit and this is another respectable effort.

The home one brings out the horizontal stripes for the first time and it’s not bad, but it just isn’t their best effort.

As soon as their all black away kit launched I turned into that Futurama gif demanding that the Germans shut up and take my money.

More teams need to adopt this design for an away or third strip.

7: Finland

One of the best home kits you will see in the entire Euro tournament, unfortunately you will have to enjoy it during the Group Stage since their tournament is likely to end after three matches.

Their away one is an impressive combination as well, it does stray dangerously close to the “supporters polo” territory but the light blue trim is a great touch.

6: Scotland

Group D might be the home of the best kits in the entire tournament and these Scottish ones are an excellent set.

Both the navy home and pale blue away shirts look very nice and the Scottish side earn high marks for both of these efforts.

5: France

This is one award that the defending world champions will not be claiming, although they put in a respectable effort here.

Following up their 2018 combination (which they won the World Cup in) was always going to be tough and they may never have a better home shirt than the 2014 one, but this is still a good effort.

Same goes for the white away one, it’s clean, simple and classy.

4: North Macedonia

Ever want to know how influential fan power can be in the Balkan nations?

North Macedonia had unveiled a different home kit for their first ever major tournament appearance, but the fans hated it.

So they went back to their prior one in possible the best decision they could have made.

While the subtle animal print design has been kept on the away and third kits (and it does look good), the home kit is so much better than the scrapped one.

3: England

There’s no denying it, this combination continues a very strong run of English kits since their switch to Nike in 2013.

For the home shirt they stick with the classic white shirt with navy trim and navy shorts with the only real change being the crest and logo moving to the centre of the chest.

It’s tough to complain too much about it at all considering some of the unnecessarily ambitious efforts from the late 90’s & early 2000’s.

England has abandoned their red away strip (one of the best kits in the 2018 World Cup) for this adventurous blue number.

While I would have been happy for them to trot out in that red shirt, this is a very nice replacement and one of the best kit combinations in the tournament.

At least they will look good when the inevitably lose on penalties to Austria or whoever in the Round of 16 or something.

2: Netherlands

Who says you can’t look good in orange?

The Dutch have given us this excellent home kit with the patterned home shirt and it is one of the best on offer.

There’s not a lot to hate about the Dutch away kit either with a clean black ensemble to handle just about every kit clash they will face.

It might be nitpicking but the collar does look a bit small, however it doesn’t ruin the overall look.

1: Croatia

There is no way Croatia will ever abandon their iconic checkerboard pattern and why would they?

It’s one of the best looks in all of football and their home kit follows the standard style, although if you want to nitpick the tiny details, the checks look a bit bigger than they should.

Their away jersey is another work of art with a different kind of checked pattern in black.

If you’re not a fan of this… well that’s entirely on you.

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